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Leo is a horoscope of the Astrological sign, his natural psychology

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Lion in public relations tend to take the position of an influential person. He significant leader in their field, or the field, he conquers ignorance of many competitors. Man of the signs of the zodiac in his field of influence as a traffic cop, who is at a crossroads, which directs the attention of the masses of people. Lions behave defiantly, every work involved is significant, dragging the attention of a group of people. Leo needs attention of people who disagree with his positions. He may be modest disagreement, to voice their opinions, to question people's opinions or positions. People of this zodiac sign is prone to start relationships with people on an equal level, showing initiative to achieve the desired results. After achieving the desired results instantly switches to its channel independence. Leo tends to be used against rival Creek, which puts pressure on people, attracting a lot of attention to it hearing people. This person needs attention interacting people, so he makes an effective demonstration in relationships with other people. Such demonstrations are imprinted in the memory of the people involved, and almost always nice when they remember after a while.

Leo repeatedly scrolls your thoughts about past events, impress them or involving impressions attention interlocutors. He did not forget his losses, that pushes him to hold my attention past events. This man too much attention to the burning of the last stories, so empties his mind and psyche of the people around them. Devastated psyche society automatically appears irritable and aggressive. Leo cites stories from his own experience, in which he was the best and unbeatable, these actions impressing his interlocutor proud positions.

The man in a relationship with people seen so many logical principles that he is able to do mechanical, without going into the fact that these logical principles can already be outdated at the moment. This man sticks to its principles, it fundamentally ignores unprofitable for themselves attitude. The new relationship is passed through these people formed the principles of his experience of relations in society. At first they appear volitional action principle, then a vision of thoughts on the logic of words, and the last place feeling.

In psychological vampirism-men Lions are permanent vampires. These people are always tuned to control the actions of other people. Leo often is impressed past events of his life. Relatives, friends and the people around him, he recalled and refreshes their former failure, negligence and losses. Leo is often enough to be present in the community, interacting to remind him of his failure. Man of the zodiac sign directs his attention and the attention of others to the depths of past events. Past events, he takes over his attention, repeatedly scrolling through the same old records of his memory. At the same time, without making any use of the present or future events. The Lion, the scrolling old records in the society absorbs the life-giving attention to the audience and from these actions feel fitter, stronger and healthier, and the interaction weak in all areas of self-realization.

Leo aggressiveness can break its relations with the people forever. He is a pioneer in the relations and affairs are not inclined to return to the subject or passed him strike out with people. These people are trying to manipulate people who have positions in society below. They create social relationships, which clearly stands out their superiority. So close to the Lion are people who try anything to please him, at least praise the dignity and superiority. Without such an environment people he feels weak and vulnerable. These people are too dependent on the public's attention, because of this over-consume resources sometimes superfluous and unnecessary demonstration and performance. His pride kept on those that it puts pressure on competing and people around them.

Leo natural leader in a society in which many dub and trust him. Often he justifies such a position in the society positively. People of this sign of the zodiac are naturally charismatic, they detonator society give birth to certain desires, habits and actions. Their initiative is effective voluntary actions, which are taken up by the interaction of the people around them. Lions are perfectly able to take people's attention and, when in a relationship, he takes them on an equal footing, it is many impressive. People of this sign of the zodiac in humans reinforce the belief in themselves and in their abilities.

His anger often burns a lot of will power and this leads to spend much time on the self-healing. Their excessive self-interest allows interaction wealthy people to manipulate them using the resources. Lions, proving the tend to use force to rival people. They tend to be cruel when touching their pride. These people rarely believe in something or someone, they generally believe only in themselves and their capabilities.

The man is Leo assesses different aspects of life on the outside of their manifestations. It's hard to penetrate the hidden, undeveloped structures and facts topics that occupy his attention and understanding. He clearly sees the outer limits of the field of activity and the impact of human interaction. Leo particularly attentive to the outer limits of which are clearly manifested in society. For all sorts of topics it looks with the external position. Therefore perfectly able to conduct external relations official from the team.

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Author: Samolyuk Vasily Leonidovich. 


02.07.2014 13:02

ммм да не очень слышать о себе такое...
12.11.2014 22:52
Shrestha Chakraborty .

true....!! :)
30.10.2018 21:59

01.01.2019 00:22

Всё верно. Это правда. Даже если вы в обществе не такие то в душе скрывается лев

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