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Scorpio is a horoscope of the Astrological sign, his natural psychology

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Scorpio naturally inclined to take positions that affect attention and understanding of other people. His acting life develops his memory and ability to remember long stories from once. Highly developed imagination of the sign of the zodiac allows him to use intuition in ways human experience. Scorpio can not conduct diplomatic relations with other people. He is prone to very positive or very negative methods of behavior. People of this zodiac sign weak-willed, so the team is being heralded willed people who give little thought and a lot of doing. Can also surround oneself creative individuals plagiatski using potential human interaction. Heightened imagination of man is manifested increased sexual activity. Scorpios are often puppets or trustees of the more influential figures. These people are addicted to the attention of the surrounding society to such an extent that if they ignore the professional, they can lose consciousness. Often their aggressive positions are protective reflex of their weakness and vulnerability of light.

Scorpio repeatedly scrolls the thoughts of past events, impressing them yourself or engaging impressions attention interlocutors. Rancor given people encouraging them to take their attention from past events. This man too much attention to the burning of the last stories, so empties his mind and psyche of conventional viewers. Devastated psyche society automatically appears irritable and aggressive.

Scorpions in dealing with people seen so much logic that he is able to do mechanical, without going into the fact that the logical action may already be irrelevant at the moment. Based on the logic of excessive, it may not apply in time of dialogue and a lot of other people's sayings quotes, forcing them to the speaker. Perhaps this sign of the zodiac, the longest chain of logic that he is able to focus the mind to exhaust interacting people. At first they thought manifest, followed by voluntary actions, then the logic of words and feelings in last place.

In psychological vampirism people under the sign of Scorpio are permanent vampires. These people are constantly tuned to absorb the attention of other people. This man is always impressive past events of his life. Relatives, friends and the people around him, he recalled and refreshes their former failure, negligence and losses. Scorpio must often be present in the community, to remind of the failure of the interaction of man. Man of the sign directs his attention and the attention of others to the depths of past events. Past events, he takes over his attention, repeatedly scrolling the same old records of his memory. While not producing any good for these events or the future. Scorpio by scrolling the old records in the society absorbs the life-giving attention to the audience and from these actions feel fitter, stronger and healthier, and the interaction weak in all areas of self-realization.

Excessive in behavior and in relationships is the most negative qualities in the person. Scorpio criticize everyone and everything that ideal, he sharpens his attention to any errors and oversights in the surrounding people. He remembers shown to him of the offenders, often refreshing thoughts such events. This attitude manifests itself in his appearance aggressive grimace. Often people zodiac sign Scorpio are promiscuous, for them, sex and love - separate actions in dealing with people. They are able to love one person, and to engage in sex with many. They focus attention on the past sometimes adjusts the picture thoughts on the reality of the present. Therefore, some Scorpios this action might appear easy, but in rare cases of severe schizophrenia. Scorpio looks warlike and aggressive because of their inner softness. He often enjoys his defense, which shows attacks on the people around them.

Strong memory of the people of this zodiac sign is especially useful in the society. Scorpio critic unsurpassed in many areas of society. He is able to show absolute sincerity in relations and especially appreciates her in humans. He knows how to attract the attention of other people and do not allow others to ignore their presence. Scorpio can be devoted to their work or relationships with people, this attitude strengthens its credibility in the team is. His artistry allows him to play the part of any required personal or professional.

People Zodiac sign Scorpio is especially dependent on the attention of other people, like any artist from the audience. Scorpio is interested in playing the roles of images of other people, because of the age can lose their individual positions of the individual. These people are mentally spineless. They often lack the forces out to finish the job. Their sex burns a lot of concern volitional strength and location of luck. They can be distracted by all attractive in their environment, so easily lured by beautiful or resource. Enthusiasm aggressive can put out their hand in the visual manifestation.

Zodiac sign Scorpio people are different manifestations of life was assessed by external their manifestations. It's hard to penetrate the hidden, undeveloped structures and facts topics occupying his attention and understanding. He clearly sees the outer limits of the field of activity and the impact of human interaction. Scorpio is particularly attentive to the outer limits of which are clearly manifested in society. For all sorts of topics it looks with the external position. Therefore, it is perfectly capable of leading external, formal relations on behalf of the group.

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Author: Samolyuk vsilu Leonidovich. 


29.04.2013 21:59

точно сказано.вот только про неуверенного-почему это происходит.ведь знак сильный на ряду всех знаков зодиака.часто замечал тоже что скорпы неуверенные в себе люди а почему ответа так и не нашел.
17.07.2013 18:56

Может это от склонности к излишнему самокопанию? Сама от этого страдаю, сейчас уже меньше, к счастью. А вот приятель-просто кладезь
23.09.2013 20:54
scorpion girl

Мне кажется что они точна высказали характеристики знака!я прочитала и удивилась все что там написана очень похоже на мой характер и все остальное!
27.01.2014 18:37

это точна я сама скорпион характер плохой
03.02.2014 18:25

Да... уж. Разочерование полное.. характер еще хуже чем я думала.. да надо меньше копаться в себе и в прошлом.
29.05.2014 16:30

я отчасти с вами не согласна да я злапятная но я управляю с своими чувствами а в особенности с злостью скорионы не все плохие смотря кто как себя воспитал и как относится к людям
01.07.2014 08:40

да...уж держитесь от нас подальще ато у нас такой характер
11.11.2014 14:29

Почти сходится есть минусы могу жить "одиноким волком", а не любя одну, а трахать многих.
18.12.2014 07:55

Все что было написано выше , так и есть. Я родилась под знаком скорпиона , у меня очень трудный характер , но мне нравится какой у меня характер. Я очень раздражительный человек... но мне нравится мой знак)))
02.01.2015 13:05

Почти в точку,но только 70%.Это я за себя пишу.
06.01.2015 13:33
skorpion emin

все верно,мы скорпионы такие.
06.01.2015 13:46

я горжусь своим знаком
05.06.2015 17:42

Всё вроде в точку,кроме того,что про интим! Может это только в моём случае,а может это ещё от года зависит. Преданна буду ,пока меня не предадут!
14.12.2015 09:56

14.12.2015/13.55 Ну 50/50правды.

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