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Elements of Zodiac and temperaments of psychology

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In cultures of religion is the beginning of the modern science of psychology. Three hundred years ago in the existing countries, religion is the educational process, and psychology was then, but it had a different name, its terminology, and other purposes.

Scientific world reconstructed in its orientation and today hierarchy of priests and priests changed their name to the professors and academics. Today, modern scientists are fundamentally based on the priority of the mother, and after - in their interaction with each other. As matter exists, and psychology have direct laws that overlap in the elements of nature of the environment that mankind reclaim thousands of years.

Astrology is one of the oldest sciences, which has been preserved until today. In this science much of the knowledge has been lost, but the incomplete content astrology is a significant source of information about natural psychological device of man and society.

Weighty possibility that astrology is the basis of the existing science of psychology. As astrology and psychology has structural information from the standards systematizing psychological characteristics and capabilities of human behavior. Astrological language exposition little clear and understandable to modern man, as the society develops in his terminology and standardization. Today, astrology has replaced science of psychology, which are retained or replaced some of the principles and laws of astrology. Temperaments psychology considered innate properties in the characters of people. In psychology, temperament test is determined by calculation and astrology - in denominations of his time of birth. The temperament of the person assigned to the element of psychological constellation of the Zodiac. As the element of the zodiac, and temperaments psychology complement each other and explain the same innate psychological characteristics of human activity. Based on this definition, we draw a parallel between the elements and temperaments zodiac psychology.

Four Elements of the Zodiac and the four temperaments psychology line up a natural hierarchy in the vertical direction. The nature of our Earth is a structure of associations of the four elements of the Zodiac, which we compare with the two-story building.

The foundation of the Zodiac is the element of Earth, which is composed of three constellations of the Zodiac: Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus. People these constellations innate melancholy temperament, which is manifested in their methods of behavior and relationships in the community.

Melancholic. This thin-skinned individual, indecisive, often exhibits increased demands on themselves and others. With the support of society, the melancholic can achieve high performance in the creative work. He is passionate about his emotional mood or its hollowness. For reasons of failures had reduced response to the complete inhibition and unusable. Melancholy does not demonstrate the will or the personal initiative of command. He has to fulfill the commandment of volitional instructions, light, or pressure from other individuals. People melancholic temperament form relationships with the people that drive them to interact perform agreed-upon objectives. In this way, they take up the initiative of interacting willed people, and the ability to look at a lot of the strong-willed than the people around them. Melancholy of principle in detail.

The first floor of the Zodiac is the element of water, which consists of three constellations of the Zodiac: Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. People these constellations congenital phlegmatic temperament, which is manifested in their methods of behavior and relationships in the community.

Phlegmatic. This individual is gradually switched to volitional interactions. He has a small potential strength of will, so when faced with a strong-willed individuals, over time yields. Phlegmatic can be compared to a reservoir of water that does not boil quickly or not quickly freezes. People phlegmatic temperament, various events are passed through a detailed logic of their thinking and imagination. Because of this may seem on the part of people interacting personalities slowly delve into current events, circumstances. This happens when they are faced with new information or events. In the development of information phlegmatic able to respond instantly to events and circumstances in dealing with people. Phlegmatic logical in detail.

Second floor of the Zodiac is the element of Fire, which consists of three constellations of the Zodiac: Aries, Sagittarius and Leo. People these constellations congenital choleric temperament, which is manifested in their methods of behavior and relationships in the community.

Choleric. Seeks in everything and everywhere to command, to do what they like or want. Accordingly, choleric predisposed emotionally explode in a society that will oppress others. People are trying to choleric temperament quickly accomplish their tasks, desires and opportunities, while entering a fanatic state. They have a special ability to excite a will potential with which they self-realization. Choleric slopes achieve much in life with the help of his will power and pressure her to competing and interacting people. Choleric temperament in the nature of man is violent and instantaneous reaction of anger or initiative. The man with a choleric temperament inclined to use almost all abundant willpower. Choleric, catching the goal at every opportunity trying to achieve it, moving through society like a tunnel leading to his goal. Choleric principled generalized.

Roof of the Zodiac is the element of Air, which consists of three constellations of the Zodiac: Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. People these constellations congenital sanguine temperament, which is manifested in their methods of behavior and relationships in the community.

Sanguine. He has all the time to calculate their will potential to not lose a single gram of their strength of will. He calculates everything globally and interconnects, so any resources he road, no matter big or small. Sanguine prudently willed, he is able, if necessary, the benefit to behave as choleric or melancholic, like Phlegmatic. Sanguine is able to adjust to the atmosphere of self-protection orders. Without the benefit of this hard for people to move, they are all his effort slopes multiplied. Sanguine about speed for their understanding, by which they try not to be distracted details feelings. Therefore, man is able to ignore the sanguine temperament of their and others' feelings, rebuilding relationships in the plane of the pragmatic logic of communication. Sanguine logical generalized.

Temperaments psychology is information inherent qualities of character of individuals people who are assigned to test, and in the zodiac - the element of the constellation.

In modern psychology, the elements shown in the four temperaments that reveal information about the psychological device of man, his overall psychological mood.

Spontaneity flashes in man as an animal instinct, exercising a certain temperament in psychology. A person needs to cultivate its spontaneous potential, and then you can open up new sources.

Author: Basil Samolyuk Leonidoovich. 


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Я обнаружил, что в следствии кармы человека может может быть неправильно интерпретирован темперамент. Если карма отрицательная, то она запрещает проявляться человеку некоторым образам. В этом случае определение темперамента и стихии духа может пойти неправильно. Следует сначала определить есть ли влияние кармы на соответствующее поведение.
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I am a psychology Major, a Scorpio and definitely Melancholy!. So I am a bit confused with the categorization of scorpio under phlegmatic here.

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