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Astrological sign Capricorn and his properties in a man

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22.12-20.01 intellectual level number 1. People who are born in the sign of the influence of the zodiac Capricorn with first intellectual level. This man from a young age from the beginning of his awareness of life is particularly sensitive to everything. He passes all events that happen to him and around him. This attitude of man under the sign of Capricorn engages him in excessive exercise, it is quickly exhausted in many applications from detailed perception of life.

Labor: Capricorn inclines a person to be the executor of the problem and the personal involvement of the executive in the working process.

Pawn: Systematic human behavior can be compared with the figures of chess. Capricorn can be equated to pawn. In human behavior, as well as a pawn to the experience of relations opens the possibility of reincarnation in any shape, except the king. A person born under the sign of Capricorn, sincere and open in a relationship. These qualities tighten it to the best events in the circumstances, and put in a diversified risk, which can not afford a king.

Principles in detail: Capricorn tend to be small-minded, it often exacerbates their attention to detail, which may be unprofitable or nothing insignificant in the relationship, but at the same time, skipping past his attention something bigger and great value to him.

Atmospheric dependence: Man under the sign of Capricorn is inclined to easily integrate into the mood of the various societies. He is too sensitive to the mood of the people around them, bowing in wound atmosphere of society.

Opportunity: Attention is directed to the Capricorn identify existing opportunities in the circumstances, this person uses for its self however possible in dealing with people and in the environment.

Law: People under the sign of Capricorn assess their ability and that of other people in the current rules. Capricorn tries in every determine who has what rights, and by the right to evaluate their own or other people's opportunities.

Current conditions: Capricorn man has hope in his self to the current conditions and not be distracted by non-existent. Capricorn passion theory exhausts its practicality and independence.

Responsibility: Capricorn is inclined to concede the initiative of interacting, thus automatically throwing responsibility on innovative human. This person is often able to participate in the task of realizing the person who performed, yielding organizing functions interacting people.

Distrust of reality: Man under the Capricorn zodiac sign is not always mentally prepared for the reality of events in a relationship with the people or the circumstances of the environment. He is prone to sometimes ignore the real contradictions of people or their damage from the accompanying events. Read more ...

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Lyricist: Samolyuk Vasily Leonidovich.

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