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Astrological sign Scorpio and his properties in a man

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24.10-22.11 intellectual level number 6. People who are born in the sign of Scorpio influence, have a sixth intellectual level. A person under the sign of Scorpio from a young age from the beginning of his awareness of life applies to all individuals smarter. He strengthened developed imagination and thinking. It displays in my mind all the events that are happening to him and around him. This attitude of man under the sign of Scorpio engages him in excessive loads of attention. He is prone to attract the attention of people interacting, in a manner samoutverzhdayas.

Human rights bodies: Scorpio inclines man sharpen focus on the fact that it is permitted to a man diverse reasons. He often defends its rights or human interaction.

Horses on black squares: system of human behavior can be compared with the figures of chess. Scorpio can be equated to the horses on the black squares. In human behavior, these properties are passive. Man of the mark is not prone to the straight behavior and competition with humans. These properties are pushing people to the sudden change in their plans with superiority position in dealing with people. Scorpio affects people indirectly, it uses a third party, through it introduces an attack or confrontation, as well as the chess knight.

Logical in detail: A person born under the sign of Scorpio, tends to be logical at a detailed level. He often sharpens its focus on the details, which are debilitating for human interaction. For him, it is important to figure out the exact, key meanings and values ??in the subject took his attention. Scorpions memory of lengthy detail the logical content.

Atmospheric presence: Man Scorpio able to benefit from the society by their presence in it. He intuitively understands the people around them and with the benefit of absorbing public attention. Scorpio attracts the attention of others, absorbing it, he reflects on his own. And in this society, on the mood of the Scorpion can be formed irritable, aggressive atmosphere. Scorpio can burn your resources and resources of society, these actions create a void that becomes the basis of aggression in society.

Arte: Attention is directed to the Scorpio people and causes that force him to act on the orders of commitments.

Liabilities: People under the sign of Scorpio value their liabilities and other people as laws. Scorpio tries in all that define who and what is committed. For Scorpio obligations are stick-vynuzhdalochkoy.

Law: The Scorpio man has hope in his self-realization on the existing rules and laws, which are based on existing commitments.

Warning: Man sign of Scorpio tends to attract attention proactively interacting people, so he is fueled by the will of the people with initiative. Scorpios are often inclined to attract a lot of attention to the people around themselves and their indicative actions.

Passion for understanding: People sign of Scorpio is often a lot of thinking and keen in their thoughts more logic, because it tends to lose its top so their thinking. Scorpio so my thoughts can greatly deplete your will potential and initiative.

Stop flowing in the details: The man with the sign of Scorpio passion in their thinking is necessary to make a smooth stop in their thoughts and at a detailed level. Thinking does not stop abruptly, but you stop smoothly and switches in the selected direction reflection. Read more ...

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Author: Samolyuk Vasily Leonidovich.

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