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If you're right

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Dear people, if you're right, do not rush to use their right, you're interacting, and not a reaction.

There is no point do you call someone or take them from interacting, even if you're right! There is always a sense, to the extent possible, to continue its development and vain not to rush yourself. The truth needs no proof, however needs to be developed to perfection!

Every truth is always the one side of the threads of life for man. Comparing the data side, people will be able to see the truth that unites them, this relationship bringing himself to perfection.

Chastely apply the truth, it is not creating any damage to yourself and the people interacting.

The truth in the wrong doses showing damage and can be poison! The truth should be food for themselves and others, and not weapons of destruction.

Harmonious use of human truth reveals to him all the sources of life opportunities. It is true, as they develop, to create a true life laws, and the truth is always a leading man to personal perfection.

Author: Vasily Leonidovich Samolyuk 


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