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The crown of education


A particularly effective system for diagnosing the psychology of human personality! 

Instruction manual
Plan of the parameters

Part 1. Life Values

Part 2. Godly Treasures of the Worlds 

Part 3.Your Spiritual Treasures

Part 4. Your Spiritual Treasures

Based on direct quotes from the Holy Scriptures, many theological sources uncover the fact that the kingdom of God lies within the person. Correspondingly, God’s treasures can be vested in us and when present, these treasures can be evident to our surrounding! The presence of God’s treasures in an individual manifests by his inspirational mood in relations with other people as well. The absence of God’s treasures in an individual tends to manifest in his preoccupation with past relations with God’s treasures and people. It is important to trust the reality of the current facts and to evaluate our resources multilaterally. 

The program called The Crown of Education is created to help you correct the natural features of your character. This program can also help you learn about other people, even the people whom you do not know in face.  At the current level of scientific knowledge, we are relatively aware of the role of DNA in the living beings. However, modern scientific community is hardly aware of our current impact on our DNA. The Crown of Education can help you influence your DNA in a positive manner through your clear frame of thoughts and attention. The first part of the program describes the individual thought mechanisms of the person you are testing, the second part explains his/her individual behavior mechanism and the third part lists the individual relationship mechanisms of other people in regards to the person you are testing.

The plan of parameters to the left shows sample data for a person born at 7:45, on January 4, 1974. The same amount of knowledge is available for you, either about yourself or someone other. However, obtaining it requires taking putting forth some effort. Perhaps you know that life without pains and efforts comes to an end and that other people or Virtues cannot be invest into it. Your efforts start from your desire and your decision to obtain access to the information available in The Crown of Education for the specific topics of your interest.  In order to do so, you will need to replenish your account that is automatically assigned to you upon your registration on our website You can deposit funds to your account with the help of WebMoney in Ukrainian hryvnas and you can also use the system of LiqPay that accepts Visa and MasterCard accounts as well.

For some internet users, such operations are simple and for others, they tend to be more difficult. To access the program in less time, you might find it helpful to work with specialists of internet payments.  You will find such specialists in internet clubs and branches of PrivatBank in Ukraine and other official offices for internet payments carried out through WebMoney. If you are lost in the procedure for depositing funds to your account, you can ask our help at  

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Use this opportunity to take the power of your attention, imagination and thought to a higher level to later apply these powers in your behavior and relationships with others. Within a short period of time, you will find that the people who surround you will reflect the same positivity that you show towards them.

Author: Vasily Leonidovich Samolyuk


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