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Horoscope of the Astrological and east symbol sign


As a sign of the zodiac, and the eastern sign born people have individual characteristics, qualities and conditions, which mainly occur in the characteristics of man and his relationship to society.

It is important to note that the Zodiac and the eastern form of the twelve years of parallel vertical levels on which people exhibit certain behaviors and practices to respond to the individual conditions in the circumstances as the attitudes of people interacting.

Sign form in the nature of man tactical skills and is one of twelve levels of behavior techniques.

Eastern Signs born creates the conditions and laws of the environment for man, his relationships with others, in which he uses the technique of behavior that is assigned to the zodiac signs. Year of birth for a person creates one of twelve levels of self-realization. East sign is called a strategy, as it forms the scope for human rights and on the field east sign manifests laws and principles of how the people around them to the man.

Author: Vasily Leonidovich Samolyuk

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