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History is past events

Many people notice that some historical research or facts contrary to its content a reality of past events. This is especially seen when the individual himself witnessed past events and can not agree with the historical data chronology narrators.

In order to accurately evaluate past events from different stories, one must delve into the terminology of the time, the value of the contemporaries of the time and in the level of development of the societies. Today, history is a science, which is 50%, represents a religion and 50% is a science with its material artifacts. For example, the chronology of the universe is calculated by some scientists from 5 to 10 billion years, but the technology with which it is possible to estimate the age of objects can delve into the past to only two thousand years (radiocarbon dating). Continuous depth last secured strong case from 4300 to 4700 years ago, and deeper into the past, on the basis of objective facts, the scientists can not dive. But in this period of time the existence of mankind is the ambiguities and contradictions. All history is a certain period of time intervals during which the events took place, and today they are known by the surviving evidence and information. But in the past lost facts of real events that are important to people today. Therefore, a person is better to use so real that there is now and then will not have to search for it in his time up. Man their current actions creates its own history, which puts all the past events with him. More ...

Lyricist: Samolyuk Vasily Leonidovich, Photo by: Paul S. Meadow

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Division number 7. History - past events.
Section number 1. Concept of past history.
Section number 2. History of Ukraine and Ukrainians.
Section number 3. The history of national countries.
Section number 4. The history of international countries.
Section number 5. The history of nations.