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Everything in life has a beginning, first of all, everyone has a beginning, which was displayed conception and subsequent birth. After the birth of the person there are a number of other principles - is food, the beginning of memory, awareness, early communication skills and relationships with people in parallel, the beginning of life and self-understanding of their personal actions.

With the development of the person has a lot of questions about the original state of many themes, areas, events, items and fabrics. Questions that may interest people, there are many answers, facing people.

Most of the responses can be viewed as a personal faith of some segments of society. There is little comprehensive answers to the questions that are generated by people on the original events.

In this section the site adjusted the contributions of many people's social position within the meaning of the original properties and events specific topics. The predominant theme of the department associated with the original origin of the current form of life to humanity and the universe. More ...
Lyricist: Samolyuk Vasily Leonidovich

Map of the department:

Department № 6. Initially.
Section number 1. The theme of the origin of the world.
Section number 2. Religion, culture, and education.
Subdivision number 1. North-consciousness, the foundation of trust.
Subsection number 2. West subconscious, floor vision.
Subsection number 3. South-permeation, second floor confidence.
Subsection number 4. East-touch, roof tradition.
Section number 3. Social position.
Section number 4. Modern science.
Subdivision number 1. Experimental confirmation.
Subsection number 2. Analytical calculations.
Section number 5. The authorities.
Subdivision number 1. Trust authoritative sources.
Subsection number 2. Reliance on the adoption of a definition.
Section number 6. Understanding population.
Subdivision number 1. Individual beliefs.
Subsection number 2. Conviction by means of education.
Section number 7. Knowledge of individuals.
Subdivision number 1. Individual research.
Subsection number 2. Covering a small audience.
Section number 8. Existing theories.
Subdivision number 1. Based on facts.
Subsection number 2. History information.
Subsection number 3. Legend.
Subsection number 4. Myths.
Subsection number 5. Opinions of individuals.