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Approaching moments

Virtually every person in all my life anticipating, but not everyone remembers his foresight. Because of the experience in a certain field man can foresee events with high accuracy. Approaching the time can be designated segments of time, the manifestations of the final result of events, changes in society, a change in living conditions, the appearance of certain features. Today there are many sources of information about the estimated future.

With forecasts of many areas of human activity and the range of human rights, from the standpoint of science and Psihonomii parallel sources can be found in this department website.

Of course, there are three basic order by which people predict upcoming events. The first and most common procedure is based on the work of the analyst with information of past events. With information from the last analyst builds the sequential order of certain events. Such research can reach the accuracy of calculations and 70%. The second order is used in the spirit of current events, it is based on the analyst's job with the information current, demonstrated facts. Such studies allow the analyst to reach the accuracy to 70%. The third order is based on the achievement of certain future events. Analyst calculates the path of the future realization of the fact to the current manifestations of such studies will reach an accuracy of 90%. Very rare, but occur in the status of the person of the Prophet! Do these people work just three positions analytical abilities. This manifests itself one hundred percent accuracy of their forecasts. Very often there are people who are able to guess some of the unrevealed future events, but the accuracy of such information projections is 50%.

If any of you have the desire to learn to see the upcoming events of the future, the development of these abilities is important to fully understand the current manifestation, and events. From this deeper analytical research in two directions at the same time - in the past and in the future. This technique, with the use of quality, will allow you to get to a high level of analytical calculations of future events. More ...

Lyricist: Samolyuk Vasily Leonidovich, Photo by: Paul S. Meadow.

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