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Sluggishness of history

Many of the events of the past continue to influence the present, directing the current events to a specific manifestation of the future. In the past, were moved from the place of all existing areas of human activity, many of them are developing today. Man, exploring the history of event and will be able to find out the current focus of historical events. Stories are often instructive, and some burdensome. It should be understood that the inertia of historical events appears to man in the circumstances. More ...

Lyricist: Samolyuk Vasily Leonidovich.

Map of the department:

Front number 2. Upcoming moments.
Section number 1. All about the future and inevitable.
Section number 2. Scientific forecasts.
Section number 3. Public forecasts.
Section number 4. Official forecasts.
Section number 5.Inertnost stories.
Section number 6. Prophecy religions.
Section number 7. Prophecy individuals.