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Prophecies of individuals

The prophecies of individuals seen before, there are today. Anticipate future events is available to everyone, but not everyone wants it defined. Anticipate future events - not great responsibility, and predict - awesome! Man sees everything in life at the same time: the past, present and future. Sees everything, but from what they saw with their attention, not all understand, accordingly, not all notices and can not affect it, even to say so. Important for a man is always his development, improvement, which also reveals a man and prophetic abilities. But does it make sense sverhmerno distracted events tomorrow, while letting pass by many of today's opportunities? To shape the future in the present! More ...

Lyricist: Samolyuk Vasily Leonidovich.

Map of the department:

Front number 2. Upcoming moments.
Section number 1. All about the future and inevitable.
Section number 2. Scientific forecasts.
Section number 3. Public forecasts.
Section number 4. Official forecasts.
Section number 5. Inertia of history.
Section number 6. Prophecy religions.
Section number 7.Prorochestva individuals.