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Prophecies of religions

In cultures and religions prophets illuminated light of future events of life, peoples, nations, and the Will of God. From different depths of the stories relate to their attention the prophets of current events, they saw them long ago, and contemporaries are in them now. Prophecies can be divided into two types: tactical and strategic. Tactical prophecies its contents affect one person or a group of people, such information is important for the people involved. Strategic prophecies its contents affect the people, the country's population. Existing cultural beliefs in their history have left a number of contemporaries prophecies that have not come true, or only true. Modern theologians, exploring the holy scriptures, study in them the prophecy of future events. In every culture there is a belief their vision and understanding of future events that are generated on the basis of the information of their prophets. In the explanations prophecies people can understand what will happen with the followers of culture, of what happens to the enemies of culture, and what will happen to other people. More ...

Lyricist: Samolyuk Vasily Leonidovich.

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Front number 2. Upcoming moments.
Section number 1. All about the future and inevitable.
Section number 2. Scientific forecasts.
Section number 3. Public forecasts.
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Section number 5. Inertia of history.
Section number 6. Prophecy religions.
Section number 7. Prophecy individuals.