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Psychonomy is the science of the information laws that make up the character of the human being and their manifestation in our environment. This science serves as the basis for our continuous studies. The elementary and periodic tables offered on this site are all deduced from our studies.

The elementary table of psychonomy can help you learn the basics and the strategy of information laws.

The objectives of this science include streamlining the history of information, along with its manifestations and the consequences of future conclusions. Present technologies of the given science provide you the opportunities to develop high analytical thinking abilities, accurate and qualitative behavior and universal intercommunication abilities in your society.

Individuals who are willing to put forth the effort that it takes to learn the materials of psychonomy constantly develop their independence in the field of their activities with the help of this science.

The science of psychonomy was founded in 1997 and it has been constantly modernized over the course of the last fourteen years. During the fourteen year advancement of psychonomy, we have completed our testing of people from various countries, continents and nations. All together, by the year 2011, we have successfully tested more than 57 thousand people.

The results obtained from all of our tests are continuously confirming the high accuracy of this scientific system. At this time, you can check out the existing facts in the elementary table of psychonomy.

Author: Vasily Leonidovich Samolyuk