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The scanner of an individual

Information issued by a specific request program "Scanner individual", is a tool for the person who wants to better understand themselves or another person.

Response program allows a person to make changes in his character or influence on the character of another person.

To demonstrate the effect on the character or nature of the other person, but must have knowledge and understanding of basic natural character study man and current age phase of its manifestation.

Cycles of time affect a person's life, that he had not thought about it and no matter how applied to the effect of time.

For example, a person age five shows one character in their twenties - the other, a fifty - third and ninety - four. And you can notice on the outward appearance and condition of their flesh, by occupation and behavior, and on the fact that they belong to the material world.

Based on the research of the characters more than 57,000 people. Specialists have developed Psihonomii science knowledge and understanding that almost all people are different ages of his life with the same character. The fact that the individual character of a person, in most cases, remains unchanged. With the increase of a man of his character is revealed as a growing plant, which formed the fruits of activity necessary for himself and his relationship to society.

In the words of Jesus Christ: "The Tree that does not bear fruit, he is cast out" and people unable to produce benefits for themselves and the society is doomed to degradation and loss.

You have the opportunity to explore the natural fruit of his character, which are incorporated into your life at the time of birth.

The "Scanner individual" provides information on the basic character of the person with whom he is different ages of his life. Thus he develops okulturivaya their natural traits, or is about spontaneity of his nature inherent from birth. Response programs to cover the natural direction of human development, the fruits of activities that a person sees in part, to understand, but as a whole, these positions have not studied.

When we consider the nature of your own or someone else's, we proceed by the experience of our past actions and behavior of others. In the current difficult second person to show action and simultaneously assess the character, but he can feel the mood and clearly see your desires, it seeks at the moment.

With the help of "Scanner individual" you can feel the understanding of the basics of their nature or the other person, if you want and need to make changes to the properties of nature in the direction of development and improvement.

Responses to requests contained in the dialog-associative style that allows you to automatically develop a person through careful reading.

How to use the program "Scanner individual", is contained in the instructions of the database.
User Database:

You are on the main page of the database automatic program "Scanner individual."

The database of the "Scanner individual" is formed on the basis of laws and systems that are displayed in the table of elementary science Psihonomii. The following table sets out procedures for the vertical relationship of man in society and graft it to the time of birth the natural properties of nature. The unit consists of a table of titles, determining the total content of different thematic areas of human activity. The "Scanner individual" responds to a request to the parameters of time, date and year of birth. Program responses generated by some sections of the elementary science Psihonomii table with the detailed content of the psychological characteristics of the design of individuals. The answer of the "Scanner individual" contains 55 points of the design characteristics that the user gets for personal use.

Production of the "Scanner individual"

The products of this program allows the user to get a psychological analysis of man in his denomination was born. The program will diagnose a person at her instincts. When you request a response program consists of five parts.

In the right part of the program is a control panel, which is called "Enter the parameters." To make a request to the interested person must complete all five points of the date and time of birth of the diagnosed person in the panel "Input parameters".

There are times when a person's birth, in which to request the user to know or do not have the data of birth! In this case, the user needs to select the unknown parameters of birth instead of numbers question marks, to an unknown date of birth to make four question marks.

The program diagnoses the person in certain denominations of his birth. Born in unknown denominations diagnosed human test program displays information through the user analyzes the activity of the test person, forming in their understanding of a psychological structure of man.

Once the user has made the date and time of birth for the diagnosis of human he must select the "Data Type": "general" or "basic". When you select a data type "General" program provides information in five parts of diagnosable man. The first part describes the level of ideology and its properties. The second part describes the level of tactical behavior and properties. The third part describes the level of conditions in the circumstances, the strategy and its properties. The fourth part describes the relationship vision with tactical methods of behavior and the difference between them. The fifth part describes the relationship of tactical methods of the strategy in terms of the circumstances and the difference between them. When you select a data type "Basic" program displays only the first three pieces of information about the test person - it's about the outlook, behavior and tactics of strategy in terms of the relationship circumstances.

To use the program "Scanner individual" user must register on this site! After registration, you are automatically in the E-mail link comes for authorization. In the member area is access to the "balance" and "Personal Data" registration. At registration required Required items: Name, Last Name, E-mail, Password, Confirm! At check in, there are three items that are optional: gender, date of birth, telephone number.

"Balance" is required for the use of the "Scanner individual"! After a balance function, the user can top up their cash register. In the balance of the three systems are connected by means of which the user can transfer the money to the account of the registration - it «LiqPay», «WebMoney», «SMS».

The simplest and most rapid ability to fund your account and you use "Scanner individual" - is sending «SMS» with four mobile operators in Ukraine: MTS, Kyivstar-Beeline, Life.

The program "Scanner individual" money is transferred into electronic money site "Whole", one point is equal to 24 Hryvni.

To replenish the balance on 1 "kiss" the user has the ability to send an SMS with the text, consisting of numbers that each user is automatically specified in the function of the balance: "Balance increase by SMS». These figures are made instead of text and SMS sent to number 4161 - cost 30 hryvnia VAT. Additionally the due to the pension fund, the total amount of value equal to 31.87 SMS Hryvni. When you send an SMS to number 4161 at the expense of your registration on the site will be credited with 25 hryvnia (1.04 "whole").

The user has the ability to replenish the balance on bag 0.54 "whole" through SMS. For this bag also send an SMS with the text, consisting of numbers that each user is automatically specified in the function of balance: "Balance increase by SMS». These figures are made instead of text and SMS sent to number 4449 - $ 16 hryvnia VAT. Additionally the due to the pension fund, the total amount of the cost of SMS is 17 Hryvni. When sending SMS to number 4449 at the expense of your registration on the site will earn 13.34 hryvnia (0.55 "whole").

The cost of a single query in the "Scanner individual" is 13 UAH (0.54 "whole").

You have the possibility to use the program right now, at this moment! For a good example check out one of the answers of the "Scanner individual" in the section "Plan parameters."

Map of the department:

Department № 0001. Individual scanner

Section number 1. Operating instructions
Section number 2. Plan options
Subdivision number 1. Ideology
Subsection number 2. Methodology
Subsection number 3. Terms of circumstances
Subsection number 4. The difference with the methods of philosophy
Subsection number 5. Difference methods with appropriate conditions
Subsection number 6. Ultimate manifestation 

Input parameters


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