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Association of journalists of Ukraine

Motto: "Do not be self-will, a fact!"

Any negative information can be submitted as positive and vice versa - to submit positive as negative. This way you can distract the observer from the vision range of reality. A journalist by vocation - a diplomat and politician, who wants to solve the problem of the public. He's trying to achieve legitimacy or something might not agree. There are also journalists who are able to share a browser with useful information.

For this and is this department website.

Map of the department:

Division number 17. Fellowship of Journalists.
Section number 1. Official statements.
Subdivision number 1. Internet.
Subsection number 2. Print.
Subsection number 3. Radio.
Subsection number 4. Television.
Section number 2. Wonderful people of Ukraine.
Section number 3. Wonderful people in other countries.
Section number 4. Wonderful people in the world.
Section number 5. Representatives of cooperation.
Subdivision number 1. Materials journalists.
Subsection number 2. Materials NGOs.
Subsection number 3. Materials individuals.
Subsection number 4. Material under a pseudonym.