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Association of legists of Ukraine


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Association of legists of Ukraine

Few people in the community aware of their rights, and almost nobody realizes. Human rights to a greater extent, manipulate leaders and rights owners themselves. This is due to confusion in the values ??of human life, or because of the extremes that are of concern in the circumstances. Natural right in the community comes from the agreement between two people or society. The initial agreement between the people today called the constitution and code of laws. Therefore, the right of each people in its own way of developing or oppressed. Law in Ukraine in the sixth century was distorted and suppressed until today. Lawyers of Ukraine did not take in the ancient slave system and do not take it today. Fourteen hundred years the Ukrainian people confuse many people, but he was and remains consistently sincere and loving people, who refuses to live by the laws of slavery and the slave owners. The scope of the rights of the Ukrainian people should make every citizen of their mite. The right of citizens is a desire by the laws of this country. President elected by the majority of the guarantor, for the realization of their choice. All the people led by the president is able to positively influence the improvement of human rights. To do this on this site was created by the Information Integrity Ukrainians against Law.

Map of the department:

Division number 16. A partnership of lawyers of Ukraine.
Section number 1. Information on the views of experts on a particular legal issue.
Section number 2. Any laws.
Section number 3. Patterns of various procedural documents.
Section number 4. Practice of considering certain categories of cases.
Subdivision number 1. First instance.
Subsection number 2. Second jurisdiction.
Subsection number 3. Thirds of the court.
Section number 5. The practice of reviewing certain issues.
Subdivision number 1. Enterprises.
Subsection number 2. Institutions.
Subsection number 3. Organizations.
Section number 6. Models for various situations, including the stage at which they are located.
Section number 7. Single base concerning all procedural documents that are available to participants partnership lawyers Ukraine.
Section number 8. The price policy of legal services in Ukraine criteria of its formation and prospects.
Section number 9. Bills government, parliament, the camaraderie.
Section number 10. Clarification of certain articles, legal acts of Ukraine.
Section number 11. Paralegal.
Subdivision number 1. Details for payment of state duty.
Subsection number 2. Address the courts.
Section number 12. The overall plan of command control of Ukraine.
Subdivision number 1. President and Representative.
Subsection number 2. Adviser-mentor.
Subsection number 3. Minister-manager.
Subsection number 4. Director of the investor.
Subsection number 5. Accomplice-bureaucrat corrupt.
Subsection number 6. MP-agitator.
Subsection number 7. Artist - S.M.I.
Subsection number 8. Extras - judge.
Subsection number 9. Accountant-offender.
Subsection number 10. Head entrepreneur.
Subsection number 11. Brigadier-law enforcement.
Subsection number 12. Ordinary skill-voter.