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Welcome to the scientific world of psychonomy!

This is a site of scientific and educational character. From such standpoints, it sheds light on the current events in Ukraine and worldwide. One of its primary missions is to present you with better ways and possibilities for solving the many problems in your current life.

This website is created to acquaint you with the science of psychonomy that is presented here in the language of physics, psychology, and theology, combined. This science explains the system of the human psyche and discloses the various ways of improving your relationships, both private and public. From the studies of psychonomy, you will learn that the timing of your birth has an absolute impact on everything in your life. The informative and educational programs offered here will help you understand yourself and others around you.

Many people who work the soils of their unexplored knowledge reveal new opportunities and later use them to their advantage as their abilities!

Welcome to the standards and values of the new era of humanity!

 The elementary table of the Psychonomy science