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In 2012 of December, 21 23 : 00 the new era of Aquarius inures

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Of the historical roots of human civilizations, numerous useful knowledge about the existence of man, of the structures of society and the culture of social relations of the individual. In parallel with the many tasks of the life of humanity tried and tries to penetrate the laws up their lives and in the laws of the structure of the environment. And one had to have in any of their activities generate action standards to develop social and academic relations intelligent and methodical growth.

The ability to measure the time it became the main engine of human progress, people today in their lives measures the period of time. Calendars for the modern man are valuable, he uses them as a map of the past, present and future. In modern society, there are a number of calendars that can characterize the two-hour interval, day, month, year, twelve years old, the age, the age or era. In ancient times, the length of time the influence of the era called differently. For example, the transition from one era to another is called "end of the world", the "end times" and a number of other definitions. Contemporaries interpreted differently transition from one era to another, their explanations rely on the objectivity used their knowledge or self-concoction.

The Mayan calendar ends December 21, 2012 on the transition of eras zodiac sign Pisces Zodiac sign Aquarius. It turns out that from this day introduced a new calendar, which has new properties belonging era zodiac sign Aquarius. Perhaps the Maya had a new calendar, compiled and the Age of Aquarius. But there is historical evidence that the representatives of the Spanish (conquistadors) were destroyed manuscripts Maya. Maya people had been developed, but not enough to resist the old world of the colonizers. They were not able to protect their heritage, which has now become so interesting to modern society. It is important to know that there are other sources covering the impact of AD on the properties of the planet, its nature, society and man.

The New Testament is based on Christmas, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The birth of Jesus Christ was the beginning of an era of Pisces, Year of the Rat, Mouse, where he was born, is the first sign of an opening in the twelve-cycle effect on the eastern calculus. It seems that the switch is in the age interval influence the sign Capricorn, during which he was born and the influence of Jesus Christ. The current Mayan calendar ends December 21, 2012, this day is the last day of influence zodiac sign Sagittarius. With the end of the day, which occurs on the clock sign at 23:00, it's time to influence the sign Capricorn, at the same time takes effect and a new era, its power and properties owned by Zodiac sign Aquarius.

The fact that each era through the circumstances forming the environmental conditions, a new kind of man, a new society with its new internal and external values. The transition to a new era is of prime importance, as the moment of re-evaluation of the old and the new adoption. New era as a new weather, to which a person is prepared differently. The transition to a new era of instant and it will manifest itself in some of the changes the psychology of people in their attention, perception of life, at the level of feelings and moods.

What is the Age of Aquarius, regarding the characteristic of the zodiac sign Aquarius. Aquarius - maximalist, has a top speed of perception of life events, it pumps the maximum speed in relationships and behavior. Aquarius candor generates openness in the relationship, which in the majority of his contemporaries, who are in the foundations of the Age of Pisces tend to avoid. Therefore the Age of Aquarius will start to show in the relationship between people, the transparency properties of human characters. Not everyone is ready to be psychologically transparent and to open, sincere relationship with other people. This is the essence of the court, which in these conditions automatically. The man, seeing all the positive and negative in yourself and the people tend to judge immediately. This Court ultimately leads the individual to himself and re-evaluation of what he has and what he does. So the end of "light," we can define as the end of "the world of lies."

What is the Age of Pisces, the characteristic of the relative sign of the zodiac Pisces. Pisces - the extras, analysts seeking to overcome all sorts of restrictions and obstacles. Fish superficially perceived vital information of having that lacks quality. We can turn our attention to the fact that not count the amount of knowledge possessed by modern society, owned era of Pisces. These skills have different qualities of accuracy, utility and value. The properties of impulsivity and variability positions of man and society are properties of the Age of Pisces. We can summarize the many events that took place two thousand years of the Age of Pisces! During this time, mankind is largely developed, and in some respects degraded. Age of Pisces and have been informative, humanity over this time has developed a technology and communications for the production, storage, transmission and broadcast information about their lives, about the events of the device and their environment.

The Age of Aquarius has the properties and conditions of practicality, tact and efficiency. In the era of Pisces much knowledge is impractical people's attention, which encourages people watch intently, choosing their own truth in current events, trying not to repeat the mistakes. We notice that impractical knowledge becomes neglected by modern society, which is why many people with irrelevance, are not able to use it in society. Goes era of Pisces and some knowledge without practice is a burden! Age of Aquarius reveals to man the conditions circumstances practicality and realism.

Sincere person develops and reinforces the realism and practicality. On sincerity, honesty and certainty in understanding the behavior and the relationship is based Age of Aquarius. Age of Aquarius with the start time of its influence in human form new outlook on life and a new way of life solutions of relations. Age of Pisces exfoliate society on the individual line items for its local operations. The Age of Aquarius has a unifying understanding of the properties of information, methods of communication, behavior and relationships. Such conditions instantly accelerate the development of the individual in society.

The transition from one era to another does not exhibit unexpected properties, and events on the material level, everything will happen in due course, which is relatively visible in the current events. Changes occur at the level of ideology, information or understanding of human attention. People, paying attention to the experience, with the sensations can be noted that with the advent of "New Year" shows a new mood and a new sense of life. New sensations form new actions, after created and new relationships. Therefore the arrival of the "New Age" opens the new conditions of life, in which there are new goals and priorities of primary importance.

A new era comes slowly, because it is a continuation of a previous era. In the Bible, in the New Testament, Jesus Christ spoke about the end of which, if anyone does not know, even the angels, only one Father in heaven. Based on this new era dogma predictable and can not have anything to do with the end times Bible script.

Before the age of Pisces, the time of Christ was the era of Aries - the time of Moses, before the era was the era of Aries Taurus Noah's time, before the era was the era of Taurus Gemini - start time of Adam and Eve.

A new era is subject to influences of the zodiac sign Aquarius, it will open new horizons for humanity life relationships. Zodiac Aquarius "elementary science Psihonomii table" is the twelfth level, it is the final mark, the highest intellectual activity. Calculus' elementary science Psihonomii table "reveals axial sequence of the Zodiac vertically. Zodiac Capricorn One - "Alpha" and Aquarius final, twelfth - "Omega". Zodiac sign Aquarius on natural properties owned by the air element, the element of Air associated with the powers of heaven.

The heavenly bodies in human psychology, born under the zodiac sign Aquarius, showing the properties of rationality, which is seen in the ability to communicate with people. Age of Pisces showed conditions in circumstances predispose a person to the unconscious mood and behavior. Age of Aquarius offers very conscious forces, it will need to re-tune a person out of the subconscious, sluggish lifestyle assembled, energetic and enterprising sober. Therefore, as a "New Year" and "New Age" series comes, revealing to human conditions and timely opportunities for life relationships.

The sky and the heavenly bodies unite Earth's continents, countries, peoples, societies and people under uniform conditions. We share the sky above, and therefore the heavenly bodies are a common source of knowledge, regardless of our diversity of cultures and religions. Who and how to understand these sources of knowledge, depending on their level of development. The Bible says that the heavenly bodies are created for human development, for its orientation in space, time and knowledge!

The book of Genesis, chapter 1, verse 14:

And God said, Let there be

lights in the firmament of the heaven to

divide the day from the night, and

signs, and for seasons, and for days, and


On the basis of the place of the Bible, we can conclude that the age of Aquarius is one of the "signs, seasons, days and years", which take place according to the laws and principles of the original order of the present life.

So everyone on the "New Age of Aquarius"! With the advent of new standards and values ??in the development of mankind!

Author: Samolyuk Vasily Leonidovich. 


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