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Art for God

People can do, to create for God. Initially, people from all his works the best offered up as a gift to God! Subsequently, many people are praising the Creator for his work in the arts. Art for God manifested followers schools in which people devote their lives to certain canons of teachings.

Many cultures religions accept modern technology without any restrictions, on the contrary actively and effectively use advanced features of human development. Therefore, today, the real spiritual centers feature the best and high quality assets.

The fact is that people, when creating something for God, he will make every effort, and responsibility, to that depends on it. Man creates benefits for God to create a procedure, also creating order in their actions and in their relations with other people. More ...

Create order - is art for God to overpower the man.

Lyricist: Samolyuk Vasily Leonidovich.

Map of the department:

Division number 9. Art.
Section number 1. Art for the people.
Section number 2. Art against the person.
Section number 3. Art to the public.
Section number 4. Art against society.
Section number 5. Art for God.
Section number 6. Art for the devil.
Section number 7. Art for Life.
Section number 8. Art for death.