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Art for life

In today's world there are many man-made influences, by which humanity saves, protects and prolongs the life of humans, animals and vegetation.

The earliest art of human life is his education, by which man is created from an independent personality. In the subsequent development of education is the art of life represented by the company.

Basic education absorbs people in training, where necessary to master the art of life. More ...

Lyricist: Samolyuk Vasily Leonidovich.

Map of the department:

Division number 9. Art.
Section number 1. Art for the people.
Section number 2. Art against the person.
Section number 3. Art to the public.
Section number 4. Art against society.
Section number 5. Art for God.
Section number 6. Art for the devil.
Section number 7. Art for Life.
Section number 8. Art for death.