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Art for death

To date, mankind has created a lot of artificial means by which takes life from living creatures and man. The main art for death - this is war! To his soldiers humanity invents and invents a lot of tools designed to take the life of people.

Today, among the countries, there is a large number of weapons intended to protect its borders. Information warfare is the foundation necessary for the power of war, formed by the information war intrigue, controversy and the necessary public opinion.

Interested community leaders manipulate people information, twisting it on favorable way. Their same leaders of the peoples and countries pit their society together, these actions divert the attention of their society from his person, while earning big money.

Of world history, we know the world invaders, such as the Great, Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, and others. These people lived at different times of past events, but they had one idea, which was to persuade the existing world of people under their understanding.

On the basis of their ideas, these people are engaged in the development of art for death. They destroyed the lives of people, they did not care who these people are, the defenders of their homeland or something disagree with the policies of dictators.

Today, the art of death thrives in the fight between the two countries for resources and predispose to this ordinary person on Earth. Available to mankind our planet's resources are sufficient quantities to meet the needs of every person on Earth.

Fair distribution of the existing resources of the planet would cause rapid growth of the world population. But according to the calculations of a medieval monk Malta there is a need to control population growth, to avoid the overpopulation of the planet.

Today, many of the leaders of the advanced countries are engaged in reducing the world's population, under various pretexts, and other leaders interact with them, underestimating his crime before his society! More ...

Lyricist: Samolyuk Vasily Leonidovich.

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