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Art against a man

Home art against a man - in the past, was manifest to the first trick man. Since the beginning of uncertainty exist errors. Deception is continuously evolving, showing its influence today.

Cheating is a major art against man and mankind. Formed on the basis of the art of deception against the person, which is manifested in all spheres of human activity.

The consequences of cheating in their lives lead to extreme actions and measures that are applied in a relationship. Art begins to act against a person, when he begins to belong to the art and forget that art belongs to the man as a means or ability in something useful for him or the public. Art against man destroys his environment and disperses the essence of man. More ...

Lyricist: Samolyuk Vasily Leonidovich.

Map of the department:

Division number 9. Art.
Section number 1. Art for the people.
Section number 2.Iskusstvo against man.
Section number 3. Art to the public.
Section number 4. Art against society.
Section number 5. Art for God.
Section number 6. Art for the devil.
Section number 7. Art for Life.
Section number 8. Art for death.