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Art against society

Competition between states, nations or societies contributes to the creation of artificial causes and organizations, through the action of which is artificially influence each other.

Art against society generated by manipulation of people at a time when society is led into error of their leaders responsible and guarantors. Art against society destroys reason unite human society into a monolith. Every society is vulnerable if it is destroyed from the inside.

Transparency in relation to society in such a society can not doubt the other members, thus increasing the high bond strength of the team. More ...

Lyricist: Samolyuk Vasily Leonidovich.

Map of the department:

Division number 9. Art.
Section number 1. Art for the people.
Section number 2. Art against the person.
Section number 3. Art to the public.
Section number 4. Art against society.
Section number 5. Art for God.
Section number 6. Art for the devil.
Section number 7. Art for Life.
Section number 8. Art for death.